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Position: Marketing Communications Coordinator


Job Description: 

The role of the Marketing Communications Coordinator is to plan and implement a company communications strategy. This includes producing and managing targeted email campaigns, text campaigns and manage the company's social media and online presence. The Marketing Communications Coordinator will also coordinate promotional events as well as recommend techniques to improve the company's public image. Additional responsibilities may also include a PR or media relations role, or other marketing and advertising related duties.


Job Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Produce ongoing targeted sequential emails
  • Manage the delivery of various marketing campaigns
  • Create and implement creative text messaging 
  • Establish contact lists of collaborators and update information periodically
  • Track and monitor progress and present results to management 
  • Review materials created by other team members and offer suggestions for improvement
  • Monitor company communication and ensure consistent branding
  • Conduct regular analysis of processes and procedures, making adjustments when necessary
  • Perform other relevant duties as required


Skills and Qualifications: The preferred candidate will have a minimum of 2 years marketing communications experience including producing creative content for email and social media. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of lead generation and conversion success rates. Our Marketing Communications Coordinator will be versed in email service provider platforms as well as possess a demonstrated ability to navigate and manage social media campaigns.   


Compensation:  Base Compensation based on experience.


To apply please submit your resume with cover letter to:


** Only Qualified Applicants Please **

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