I bought a credit, now what do I do?

If you are new to PushSave, you will first setup your password. If you are creating your book with your credit, enter your city to generate local participating businesses.

If you have a credit, you will have 2 options - to build a book for yourself or gift the credit to someone else. You will see your name in the top right, click on that drop box to see your account information. You can click on Manage credits to get these 2 options.

Note:  You have to go to the website, this isn't available via the app.


From this screen, you can use the "Build a Book" button to use the credit for yourself or you can use the "Gift a Credit" to send a credit to someone else.

You will need to enter the following information to send your gift.  The person you gift will get an email message stating that the gift came from you and it will contain instructions as well as a link for them to Build their own Book.


You can see who you gifted on the same "My Credits" page.  The status will change when they have accepted the gift and created their book.



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