Picking a City

The first screen you will see when you start the process of buying/configuring your custom mobile coupon book is to select what area for which you want coupons.


As you start typing the name of a city a selection box will appear.


Select the city you want and click on the "Search" button.


A list of businesses in that area will be displayed. 


The system will dynamically pick the best radius to cover the city, however it will reduce the radius to keep the selection under 300 merchants.  

You have the option to reduce or increase the radius by click on the current radius link.


If you want to target a more focused area you can click on the "Change City" link enter a zip code.


We currently don't allow you to pick more than one city per book, so if you change the city or radius after you have selected some merchants you will need to start over with your selections.

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