Secret Formula to a Successful PushSave Fundraiser


  1. CALL! Spend 20-30 minutes calling 10-15 close friends and family members promoting the fundraiser, Trust us - THIS WORKS!! 
  2. TEXT & EMAIL! Text 20-25 close friends and family members using the automated texting feature on the Seller Dashboard (do the same with email)
  3. FOLLOW UP! 1 call 1 text 1 email won't get all the results you want... Continue to follow up with your friends and family over the next 5 days - This is CRITICAL! Text and email works!
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA! Post the fundraiser on ALL your social media accounts - you will also find links for this on their seller dashboard.

To find the automated selling tools, to see who purchased from you AND to see how much profit you raised open your My Fundraiser Seller Dashboard:

  1.  Log in to
  2. Click on the Avatar for the menu.
  3. Click on My fundraisers.
  4. Click on your Active Fundraiser.
  5. Click on your name.

On a laptop it will look like this:


On  mobile device it will look like this:



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